The italian toilet seat

Since 1986, Niclam has been operating in the bathroom furnishing sector, producing thickness casting toilet seats, made of a wood core, machined to size and coated with polyester resin. The outcome is a complete italian touch, an elegant and long lasting piece of furniture.

What differences us from the others

100% Made in Italy

The Niclam toilet seat is entirely made in Italy .

High quality

The thickness casting and a wooden core guarantee a high quality.

Unique Product

Niclam toilet seats are prestigious pieces of furniture.

Quality structure

The delicate and highly specialized processing phases are supervised by professionals in the field who, thanks to their experience and the artisan skills, guarantee a high quality product.

The Service Guarantee

The company has 80% of Niclam product line models in stock and it is able to meet short term deliveries, within 48 hours. The estimated delivery time of the remaining Niclam selections, however, is one week.